The Social Dating Site - About Us


We at Get a Social Life believe in meeting people the old fashioned way. But we also understand that people have a love/hate relationship with dating sites. Are we right or wrong?

We love dating sites because we have instant contact with other singles in our area.

Yet we hate them because they don’t always work for long term relationships. That is romance seems to be the constant focus at the start of the relationship and not always just going out and having fun and finding out whether our personalities are compatible or not.

And so we decided to combine the dating site with socialising and getting to know people in a fun environment. Want to go 10 pin bowling? Or rock climbing? Or just dinner or coffee? Well now you can. But isn't that just like the old fashioned way of meeting people? Yes, it is, so take your time, be prepared to go out and join events all over Perth.

How about matchmaking as well?

Yes we have that too. If you upgrade to a full member then we have a special algorithm that will allow you to make friends with people, both male and female that love to do the same activities as you.

And how much does all this cost? Well it can be free if you want. You can continue to have free membership for as long as you like, or you can choose to upgrade for extra benefits.

So sign up now, but please, we do require you to upload a photo and fill in details. So grab a cuppa and take your time as the best profiles are always the most interesting.

Good luck and have fun.

Get a Social Life