Love Horoscope

What is Your Element?

Does someones horoscope interest you? Do you care how compatible you are with other people?

Of all the star signs, 12 of them, they are categorised into 4 elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Choose your element by looking for your star sign, then click on the link for that element to find out more important information.


Capricorn - has a formidable, grounded presence, and a natural authority from being masters of the physical plane.
Taurus - digs into the earth, builds with real elements to construct a solid life.
Virgo - changes through purification of the body and by being a force of healing for others.

Earth Compatible Signs


Cancer - leads by the heart, and casts a palpable emotional force that pushes into new territory, but does it sideways like the crab.
Scorpio - permanence is found through achievement, and going deep into the timeless mysteries of the imagination, dreams, primal sexuality.
Pisces - dwells in the collective depths, and contains all the signs as the last one.

Water Compatible Signs


Libra - initiates through new ideas, and by being a balancing force among people.
Aquarius - fixes on a continuum that reaches into the future, and can doggedly push for reform, or spend a lifetime on their personal inventions.
Gemini - rides the circuits of ideas, taking in and disseminating what it collects.

Air Compatible Signs


Aries - is a catalyst, a firebrand that inspires others by being totally committed to his/her own vision.
Leo - has a career of self-expression, and ongoing respect in their chosen fields.
Sagittarius - evolves through learning, travel, seeking knowledge -- and using intuition to glean the truth from all this experience.

Fire Compatible Signs