Your Personal Friend Match Report

We have added a friend match algorithm to our site where we can now provide you with a recommended friend list.

This list will select people that have a high percentage of activities that are similar to yours, the ones that you chose when you joined Get a Social Life, and therefore you may have common interests.

Please find a sample of this list below. And if you want your own Personal Friend Match Report then please upgrade now.

We wish you luck in making more of friends.

This is a Sample of Friend Match Report

To receive your Personal Friend Match Report, with more than 50 matches, please upgrade to become a full member of Get a Social Life.

And why would you want to subscribe to get the full list? Because you can request a new list as often as you like. We have new members signing up every day and new people that match your activities. To stay in touch with these new members you will need to request us to do a new Friend Match list for you every few months.