Terms of Service

Creating events

All event will be above board and legal. No illegal acts or events will be accepted. Any offending users will have their accounts removed immediately.

Respect for all Members

No user has the right to abuse or contact another person should that person not wish to be contacted. Once the right of contact has been removed then no further contact shall be made.

Creating friends

You will become long term friends in this environment so look after those around you. If you see anyone in danger then we expect you to act as a team member and keep all people safe.


No person shall reveal the identity of another member if it is known. Within the site you will use your Username. Your private contact details will only be known to us.

Profiting from events

The idea of creating an event for a group is to have social meetings, it is not designed as a profit making business. If you are creating an event, if there are costs involved for the hiring of a venue, then work out the costs and how many people will be attending and cover those costs only. If you are short on your estimates then you take the loss and raise the price a little the next time to cover the costs. Any person found charging high prices for events and extreme profiting from events will have their account suspended. It is acceptable for small profit amounts only if there was an excess of attendees and all costs were met. This is because event organisers go to a lot of work and trouble to organise event and some small profits are well earned for extremely good events. An example of this would be a New Years Eve party.

Businesses Operating within the Site

Businesses are allowed to register with one exception. The exeption to the rule is that no business that offers sexual favours may exist on this site. Any business that chooses to create events can do so. It is understood that these businesses will charge a fair and reasonable charge. If this business creates an event then payment to the business name is permitted. Businesses that join are requested to only do so in order to benefit it's members, for example, Paint Ball, Stylists, Sporting and Activity businesses.

Restriction of Accounts

Should any person not follow the rules of this site we have the right to restrict any user from using the site.

Photos added to the site

No user shall upload any indecent images. If so their account shall be terminated immediately.

Polite Language

No rude or foul language will be tolerated on the site. All members are to be treated with respect at all times. Failure to comply will mean immediate termination of your account.

Attending Events

If you are requested not to attend an event by the event coordinator then you are to comply with that request.

Events booked by Get a Social Life

While we provide an event coordinator to book events for you, we are in no way, responsible for the payment of these events.

Requests for Romantic Dates

This site is primarily a social networking site for single people to meet. You are entering into an environment where you may be asked out on a date. If you choose to refuse then please do so politely and respectfully. Should you receive a refusal then please respect that wish and leave the person alone.


All users are expected to present themselves as honest people. We cannot guarantee that the people you meet through this site are honest, nor can we be held responsible for any misdeeds that occur.

Make Sensible Judgements

We expect that all users will make sensible judgements in keeping themselves safe. We will not be held responsible for any situations at all.

Further Issues

If you have an issue then please fill in the feedback form and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Leave us your phone number and we will phone and talk to you.

Termination of Accounts

We reserve the right to terminate any members account at any point in time. No reason need necessarily be given. If we even suspect any of the above breaches of these Terms and Conditions then a members account can be terminated.